HP Z4000 Wireless Mouse – Black

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HP Z4000 Wireless Mouse – Black


HP Z4000 Wireless Mouse – Black


  • Product Name:
    HP Z4000 Wireless Mouse – Black
  • Model Number:
  • Brand: HP
  • Manufacturer Warranty:
    6 Months


HP Z4000 Wireless Mouse Black

The sleek and low-profiled design make the Z4000 the must-have companion to every thin notebook or tablet. Style and comfort within a dynamic ultra-mobile wireless mouse.

From mobile to ultra-mobile

The trend is thin and with less than 13mm (0.5 inches) height, the Z4000 ultra-mobile mouse is the perfect thin accessory for your notebook or tablet.

Relaxed comfort

Your hand and wrist lays in a more natural position due to this ultra-mouse’s reduced height, flowing arch and subtle side grips.

Reassurance in functionality

The feel and navigation of this sleek mouse remains familiar and purposeful with three standard buttons and scroll wheel gently blended into the low profile.

Excellent news for left-handers. The versatile ambidextrous design fully supports comfortable usage for both right and left hands.


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