SteelSeries Kinzu V3 Gaming Mouse Red

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SteelSeries Kinzu V3 Gaming Mouse Red


SteelSeries Kinzu V3 Gaming Mouse Red


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    SteelSeries Kinzu V3 Gaming Mouse Red
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  • Manufacturer Warranty:
    12 Months


Kinzu v3™s competition-grade optical sensor (up to 4000 DCPI) and overall performance gives you the winning edge. Its ambidextrous shape offers impeccable control and comfort.

    • Professional Performance – The Kinzu series has always delivered a competition-grade gaming experience with a great price. Kinzu v3 continues the trend with new hardware and performance upgrades to help you maintain the winning edge.
    • Tournament-Quality – The brains of the Kinzu v3 is the powerful Pixart ADNS-3050. This sensor delivers up to 2000 CPI (or 4000 DCPI), support for up to 60 IPS and 20gs of force. With no hardware acceleration, your mouse movements maintain a high level of precision. In addition, the 1ms response time and new SteelSeries switches make Kinzu v3 ready for tournament play.
    • Four-button design – Kinzu v3 sticks to the basics by offering a traditional four-button mouse design for raw gaming performance.
    • User Customizable – As gamers we all have different styles of play, so it is important to have a mouse that can meet our demands. Kinzu v3 does just that with the help of our SteelSeries Engine 3 software. Take control of Kinzu v3™s buttons and scroll wheel rebind them to the keyboard, mouse, or media keys. You can also designate advanced macros or launch an application. Two different levels of CPI can be saved onboard and assigned to a button for instant in-game switching.
    • Comfortable Gaming – Kinzu v3™s soft-touch-paint sides and smooth finish offer a fantastic grip and feel, maximizing your gaming comfort.
    • Ambidextrous Shape – Kinzu v3 is built for everyone. Righty or lefty, the ambidextrous design doesn™t discriminate so everyone benefits from its high-performance design.
    • Compact Size – Kinzu v3™s compact size is ergonomically tuned to fit any kind of grip style – claw, palm, etc. No matter how you hold your mouse, or what type of games you play, Kinzu v3 is ready to step up and take its place next to your keyboard.
    • Durability – We pride ourselves on building quality peripherals that are built to last. The Kinzu series has always been a durable option when it comes to gaming mice and the v3 is our proud successor to its legacy.
    • SteelSeries Switches – For the first time ever we have upgraded the Kinzu line to our newly designed SteelSeries mouse switches. Kinzu v3™s new switches feature a precise and responsive action, along with a 10 million plus click lifetime. Their tactile and clicky feel provides feedback and assurance with every click. Kinzu v3™s switches will hold up over that whole duration and still be just as responsive.
  • Industry Leading – Kinzu v3 may not be our most expensive mouse but we still pride ourselves on its build quality. The scroll wheel feels smooth and consistent. Seams on the mouse are subtle thanks to its clean design. The rubber cable helps it stay tangle and snag free. All the small things come together to make an affordable mouse feel like a high-end device.


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